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Bit Stool

Project Type

Furniture Design


Copenhagen, Denmark

The design brief for the BIT Stool was based on combining familiarity in forms with distinctiveness in materials.

Inspired by geometric shapes, the forms were transformed into versatile seating arrangements or decor pieces. The BIT range offers three distinct variants: the Bit Stool, Bit Stool Stack, and Bit Stool Cone. The playful colors not only enhance their appeal but also serve to break the monotony of any space.

Composed of bits of 100% recycled household and industrial LDPE, the Bit Stool is multifunctional. It can be repurposed as a pedestal for floral arrangements, a side table for a lamp, or as makeshift seating for unexpected dinner guests. Capable of withstanding temperatures from -10°C to +50°C, the Bit Stool is equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

The BIT STOOL's design was under the mentorship of Simon Legald and Saskia Huebner and was developed in collaboration with Marie Bal-Fontaine.

Photo and Video Copyrights are held by Normann Copenhagen.

bit 2.png
bit 3.png
2022_Bit_Group_Tide_Vase_01 (1).jpg
2022_Hyg_Sofa_Oak_UDA07_Turn_Table_Marble_White_Stage_Floor_Lamp_White (1)_edited.jpg
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