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Art Direction


London, UK

At Nikkitas, the brand takes great pride in celebrating a 5-generation-old family love story, intricately woven with the captivating homeland of Sparta. They hold the utmost respect for the deep-rooted traditions of ancestral harvesting, resulting in the creation of exceptional products such as olive oil, honey, and olives.

As part of our involvement in the project, we took responsibility for the art direction, curation, and rendering of one of their best-selling products: the Almond-shaped Kalamata Black Olives. We meticulously crafted the imagery for their Instagram, official website, and catalog design. These olives, which are handpicked and delicately handled, undergo a crafted process before being bottled with the utmost care in the abundant land of Sparta.

We are honored to have played a role in showcasing the exceptional quality and rich cultural heritage of the brand through our creative work.

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